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Posted by anna on April 15, 2022

The Rainin LTS pipette is renowned for its precision and comfort. Its patented LTS system minimizes high tip ejection forces, which can cause fatigue and RSI in the laboratory. The LTS is designed to eliminate such forces by offering a wide collar that snugly fits the pipette tip cone. Using these pipette tips is a breeze because they come with a reliable seal and ensure a secure and reliable seal every time.

PurePoint LTS Racked and Sterile Tips are specially designed for the Rainin LTS Pipettes and are made from premium-grade resin with low retention force. The ejection force is 85% less than conventional pipette tips. Furthermore, the LTS tips come in a range of sizes and shapes, making them a universal solution for any pipette brand. The pipette stands are made of wood or acrylic and can be oriented in several ways to ensure maximum efficiency.

The Rainin LiteTouch System connects a specially designed nozzle to an LTS tip to ensure minimal mounting and ejection forces. PureSpeed pipettes allow researchers to perform purification experiments at low costs. For example, the Rainin PureSpeed Protein Tips allow for highly effective purification of antibodies with minimal effort. They provide the highest purified protein concentration, allowing downstream functional assays. These features make Rainin LTS tips the perfect choice for a variety of biochemical applications.

The Rainin LTS features a cylindrical shaft and thin-walled tips that are designed to prevent excessive force and ensure accuracy. The thin-walled tips with high pore sizes ensure that these filters do not interfere with the accuracy of pipetting. Furthermore, the tips and shaft are machine-loaded, so they do not come in contact with human hands. They are certified to be contamination-free and undergo pre-sterilization via radiation after they are packaged. Once you have finished using all of the tips, you may wonder what to do with the empty pipette tip boxes. Besides rainin pipettes, you can also reuse these containers.

Types of Rainin LTS Compatible Tips

Whether you're using a standard pipette or a specialized LTS pipette, these new 1000ul barrier xTIP4 tips are compatible with Rainin LTS pipette systems. They feature four patented technologies for optimal seal quality, minimizing the force required for proper insertion and ejection, and reducing repetitive stress injuries. The X-Resin and Blade technologies reduce binding of DNA and protein samples, and eliminate the need for tip touch off.

The precision and comfort of Rainin LTS pipette systems is legendary, and with their broad collar, they require less force to seat the tips on the pipette. These pipette tips are compatible with only Rainin LTS pipettes, and are only available from a variety of suppliers, including Stellar Scientific. For the best performance and value, you should shop around and compare prices. There are several great deals to be had by evaluating the different types of pipette tips on the market.

Rainin offers a variety of pipette tip racks that will accommodate a wide range of pipettes. Each rack can support up to 1200mL. And because each pipette can be used for various purposes, you can find a pipette holder that will accommodate your glass or elongated pipette. These racks offer a convenient way to store and protect your pipettes, while still giving you excellent clarity.

PureSpeed Protein Tips are another example of a universal pipette that is designed to optimize the purification workflow. By eliminating the need to rinse a pipette with water, these tips provide the highest level of purity for purification and downstream functional assays. They are also significantly lighter and significantly stronger than conventional racks, and are 100% recyclable. This means that you can save money while enhancing your productivity and reducing risk.

Eppendorf Repeater Pipette

An Eppendorf Repeater Pipette is a convenient device for repetitive pipetting. Its polypropylene plunger and cylinder are ideal for most reagents. The repeater pipette can perform up to 48 pipettings of a sample during a single filling. It offers excellent flexibility and all-around support for research. The Repeater Plus is available on the LabX Marketplace, which allows users to browse and contact sellers. If you are interested in purchasing an Eppendorf Repeater Pipette, you can get a free quote from LabX.

The Eppendorf Repeater M4 is a manual handheld pipette dispenser that employs the principle of positive displacement. This means the liquid is directly dispensed into the pipette, with no air cushion. The repeater ensures that the volume is exactly the right size regardless of the liquid type. Its unique volume range allows you to dispense liquid from one uL up to a maximum of ten mL without the need to refill the tip. The unit is also equipped with a step counter for error-free working, even if the pipette is interrupted.

The Eppendorf Repeater E3 and E3X are two of the most popular pipettes available. Both offer ergonomic, fast, and reliable dispensing. The Eppendorf Repeater M4 pipette also uses positive displacement principle and hermetically sealed tips to ensure contamination-free dispensing. This pipette can be used 100 times without refilling. Its user-defined memory functions make it easy to program a new tip size and recognize the same tip used in multiple experiments.

The Eppendorf Repeater pipette comes with a convenient storage tray, which holds two pipettes. This tray sits on a laboratory benchtop and features a sturdy metal construction. It is also easy to clean and maintain. The pipette is equipped with a single button tip ejector. Eppendorf pipettes are the perfect solution for researchers looking for reliable results and ease of use.

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